Member Dues

In 2021, The Society made membership more accessible by lowering membership rates and expanding benefits. This more equitable structure considers and individual's career level and access to institutional support when determining payment level.


Membership scholarships

2024 Award Timeline

First round of selection:

April 29 deadline for applications
Awards granted by May 3

Second round of selection:

June 24 deadline for applications
Awards granted by June 28

Third round of selection:

September 23 deadline for applications
Awards granted by September 27

Final 2024 selection:

December 16 deadline for applications
Awards granted by December 20


Selection process

Society staff and committee members will review applications and make awards based on our priorities for building a multidisciplinary, diverse community which includes the following:

  1. People without institutional support
  2. People of color
  3. people living in states with abortion bans
  4. Students

Following your award, your membership will go through an external vetting process which can take up to 8 weeks. For questions about this process please contact us.


Common Questions

Can I opt-out of auto-renewals?

Members self-select auto-renewals on their membership application. You can remove yourself from auto-renewals when in your renewal period only. Do this by navigating to "My Profile" in the quick links on the right side of the screen. Once there, select renew. This button will only be available in your renewal period. Then uncheck the auto-renew button and press submit. You can also contact us to opt-out.

Where can I find invoices from the Society?

You can find all invoices from the Society in your profile. Navigate to "My Profile" and select the invoices tab.

Questions? Contact us