Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to my Society Connect profile?

  • Your login email is usually the email associated with your Society of Family Planning account. If you do not remember your password, click on "forgot your password." If you do not remember your username, select "retrieve username." Email [email protected] if you still have issues accessing your account.

 How do I access and edit my user profile?

  • Under the "Society Connect" tab, select "my profile." To edit your profile, select the "edit" button in the right-hand side of your profile. Click on the green "save" button to record your changes.

How do I update my profile picture? 

  • To update your profile picture, hover over the grey “my profile” button and select “change profile picture.” Click on the profile picture square to upload, edit, or delete your profile picture.How do I update my contact preferences, including community forum notifications?
  • Under the Society Connect tab select "my profile." Hover over the "my profile" tab in the new page. Select "contact preferences."To update your community forum email subscription, navigate to "forum subscriptions" at the bottom of the page and use the notification drop down menu to select your notification preferences.

How do I pay my membership dues?

  • To pay your membership dues, log in to your Society of Family Planning account. Select "my profile" from "Society Connect" menu item. On the new page, click the "my profile" button and select "invoices." Select the orange ID number associated with invoice type: "renewal" and status: "open." On the following screen, click the “pay invoice” button at the bottom of the page. Input your credit card information and click the green “submit credit card payment” button at the bottom of the form. *Please note, you will only see an invoice if you are in the renewal period.*How do I edit my member profile and opt in or out of the directory?
  • You can update your member profile and opt in or out of the directory by clicking “edit” under “my profile.” To build a robust directory, we strongly encourage all members to opt in. Access to the directory is only available to members who are logged in to their account. Use of the directory for anything other than professional outreach and development is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of our User Agreement. 

How do I use the member directory?

  • Under the “Society Connect” tab, select “member search.” You can search by name, city, state, institution, area of work, or area of focus. Once you have input your search parameters, click “search.” Please note, the search results will only include members who have opted-in to the directory.To view another member’s profile, click on their name in the results page.How do I post on the Society job board?
  • Under the “Society Connect” tab select “job board”. Select the orange “Society of Family Planning job board” button on the following page. Posting abilities are free as a benefit of Society membership. To post a job, select the grey “post a job” button at the top left of the page.

 How do I access and post in the community forums?

  • Under the “Society Connect” tab, select “community forums.” Click the “access community forums” button on the bottom of the page. To create a new topic of conversation within any given forum, click on the appropriate forum and then click “new topic.” Complete the fields of “subject” and add any attachments as necessary. Click “preview” to preview what your post will look like. This preview will display at the bottom of the page, and you may have to scroll down to see the preview. Once you are satisfied with your post, click “submit” to submit your topic.To reply to a post, click on the post tile, and select the grey “post reply” button in the top left corner. Add your reply, and then select “preview” and “submit.”

How do I access my online subscription to Contraception?

To register your account:
  1. Access the homepage of the JournalOn the right side of the page select “register” then “register and claim your subscription.”
  2. Under “login details” enter your email address you use to access your Society of Family Planning member account and create a password.
  3. Create your profile, fill in your email settings, read the user agreement, and then select “register” to verify your registration.
  4. Click “return to homepage.”

To claim your subscription:

  1. Access the homepage of the Journal. At the top right hand of the homepage click “claim subscription.”
  2. Ensure “Journal: Contraception” is selected.
  3. Select, “I receive my subscription through a Society membership.”
  4. In the drop-down menu select “Society of Family Planning.”
  5. Enter your member number and last name. Your member number can be found in your member profile under “my profile.”
  6. Click “activate.”