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Pre-conference workshops 
We invite submissions for pre-conference workshops, lasting approximately 90 minutes, and offered in the two weeks prior to the livestream on October 1-2. This gives you the opportunity to deliver an in-depth training on clinical or research practices, career development, or other topics that require more time than available in a standard session. We are particularly interested in trainings that address best practices in sustaining a clinical or research career, collaboration across disciplines, and building a more inclusive family planning field.   
Pre-conference workshop submissions are closed. Notifications will be made in May.

Session proposal submissions
We invite proposals for sessions that focus on timely family planning topics, share new and applied research findings, provide concrete solutions to common difficulties in delivering family planning care, address challenges and invite discourse in conducting research, engage attendees creatively in a virtual setting, and promise to move the field of family planning forward in the US. We are particularly interested in proposals that address clinical innovations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, best practices for conceptualizing race, ethnicity, and/or gender, and best practices in community engaged research, comparing different service delivery models, and influencing evidence-based policy.   
Session submissions are closed. Notifications will be made in May.
Detailed information about the call for sessions and workshops, including submission guidelines can be found here

Scientific abstract submissions
We invite scientific abstract submissions from a range of disciplines that share the latest and best science focused on abortion and contraception. 
Abstract submissions are closed. Notifications will be made in June.
Detailed information about the call for abstracts, the review process, submission guidelines, and awards can be found here.

ward nomination submissions 
We invite you to submit nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Beacon of Science Award, or the Mentor Award to celebrate leaders in the field of family planning. 
Award nominations are closed. Notifications will be made in June.
Detailed information about the call for nominations, including submission guidelines can be found here.

The Society of Family Planning and the Society of Family Planning Research Fund recognize that institutionalized exclusionary and oppressive systems such as racism, sexism, classism, ableism, nationalism, heterosexism, cis-genderism, and other discriminatory practices are barriers to the full participation of all contributors to the field of family planning. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of these oppressive systems. We also intentionally center and lead with anti-racism, recognizing deeply-rooted and pervasive structural racial injustices, and that an anti-racist praxis connects multiple marginalized communities allowing for broader equity impacts for all. To achieve the Society’s vision of just and equitable abortion and contraception informed by science, and to ensure that this vision is actualized for the benefit of all, we must work together to intentionally address and incorporate values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do, from how we govern the organization to the implementation of our programs.


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