Creating a new SIG

A request to create a SIG must be submitted by filling out this form. The proposal will need to include a brief paragraph including the title, focus, and any activities of the group, and include the names of five Society members who support the development of the SIG, as well as the name of the proposed SIG chair. The description should provide sufficient information to be used as the SIG description should the SIG be approved. 

Criteria for approval

  • SIG application includes five or more current members of the Society

  • Interest area falls within the scope of abortion and contraception science and clinical care

  • Proposed SIG does not duplicate an area covered by an existing SIG

  • SIG has a chair person or persons committed for the duration of two years

SIG proposals will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Once created, the SIG will be provided with its own Society Connect page and discussion forum. This discussion forum is where SIG members will create discussion threads, post documents and files, and communicate with other SIG members. Additionally, an invitation to join the new SIG will be published in the Society’s monthly newsletter, and an announcement will be posted in Society Connect. The option to join a SIG will also be included on our membership application, allowing new members to express interest in SIGs at time of joining.

Retiring an existing SIG

A SIG whose membership falls below the required minimum of five members, or whose discussion board goes inactive for a consecutive six months, will be retired.